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Treating customers fairly

At Commercial First we are committed to ensuring that we treat all customers fairly in all our dealings with them.

It means that we will:

» Treat customers with integrity, honesty and openness.
» Stand by commitments made to customers.
» Treat customers as individuals and deal with any issues as such.

All our fees and charges are transparent and were notified to borrowers prior to the loan being taken out. They are reviewed annually to ensure that we only charge the administration cost of supplying the service. For a list of our current Tariff of Charges please click here.

Treating customers fairly does not mean that all customers will be treated the same, by treating customers as individuals bespoke solutions will be developed specific to each individual's circumstances. Treating customers fairly does not mean that the customer is always right nor does it mean that they necessarily get what they want as fairness must be balanced between Commercial First's interests and those of the customer.

When servicing commercial mortgages, Commercial First also recognises that businesses sometimes have challenges on their cashflow as a result of any number of reasons. We will endeavour to work with our customers to give them an opportunity to resolve cashflow issues and get their payments back on track within a reasonable timeframe. However there are also occasions where we believe that the position is beyond repair, in such cases we will try to deal compassionately with customers but we will need to protect our own position.


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